Thursday, May 19, 2011

Find the Best Bike Routes in New York

Even if you're very confident about getting where you need to go in New York on foot or by subway, I wouldn't be surprised if you're not so sure about the best bicycling routes. Fortunately, a group of web-savvy cyclists built Ride the City, an online interactive map that steers riders towards the safer bike lanes and greenways, avoiding highways and major thoroughfares whenever possible.

Just type your current location and desired destination into the "Where from?" and "Where to?" fields on their homepage and you'll instantly get a printable map with step-by-step directions. If you need to share the route with friends, you can grab a link to embed the map elsewhere on the web, or you can email it directly to your friends. Create an account if you want to save routes that you plan to take again some day. If you do register, be sure to rate the roads you love or hate so Ride the City can adjust the routes to match your comfort level.

Ride the City has apps for both iPhone and Android, so you don't need to print a copy of your map to stay on course. Plus, the website covers more than just New York—they've mapped more than two dozen cities around the world, and they're working on adding more.

Visit Ride the City's blog or FAQ page to find out more.

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