Monday, June 4, 2012

Hand-forged bottle openers

Hand-forged bottle opener
Hand-forged, twisted-handle bottle openerHand-forged bottle openers - vintage twinsHand-forged bottle opener - long-twist hanldeHand-forged bottle opener - short-twist hanlde How to use a hand-forged bottle opener

Hand-forged bottle openers, a set on Flickr.

I made these forged-steel bottle openers over the course of a couple of years. They work and look great!

My New Favorite Creation:
A Bicycle-Parts Bar Stool

Bicycle-parts barstool

I had this chrome exercise-bike seat knocking around for over a decade just waiting for a furniture project. I slipped out to my shop early this past Saturday, and I grabbed a bunch of other bike parts and got to work. Once I got into it, I made up my mind to make a bar stool, and make it as simple as possible. All it is is two handlebars with the original necks, welded end-to-end, with a chopped-down fork supporting the seat.